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Karen Brown

Preschool Teacher

Karen joined our Staff four years ago when she became our Pre-school Teacher for the three year-olds at St. Paul.
She received her BS in Early Childhood Education in 1988 in Pennsylvania where she taught Kindergarten in a public school for twenty years. She also has received her New York State certification.
Karen came to Hilton when her husband, Dan Brown took the call to be Pastor of the Hilton Baptist Church. Once again, God’s plan for us all to be one shines through as this story unfolds. Betty Benoit, another St. Paul staff member, suggested to Karen that she substitute teach at St. Paul, which she did, and that is what led to her current full-time position as a Pre-school Teacher.
The Browns have two grown sons who live and work in Pennsylvania. Sharing their home are two special dogs, Tozer and Lincoln. Karen loves to cook and as much as cooking, she loves Nature, and being outdoors.
Karen shared that she believes that God had a plan for her to be able to share her expertise in teaching as well as her faith with her students, something that she was never able to do until coming to St. Paul. It is also interesting to note she was raised Methodist, fell in love with a Baptist minister, and is now teaching in a Lutheran school.
What she wants to share with her students on a daily basis is that God loves them, Jesus loves them, and she loves them. What a blessing!

585-392-4000 x201

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