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Ministry Opportunity

Join Us In Jesus Work At
St. Paul Lutheran Church

We All Have God-Given Talents.
Please Consider Joining a Ministry
and Helping out and Have Fun
While Doing It Too!

AV Ministry
- Shane Dale

Usher Ministry
- Jeff Diedrich

Greeting Ministry
- Kathy Diedrich

Altar Guild
- Chris Ingham

Music Ministry
- Nancy Reiss

Quilts for Christ
-Lois Kane & Carolyn Hurlbutt

Creator's Hands (Prayer Shawls)
- Chris Ingham

Adella Women's Ministry
- Judy Morrison

Youth Ministry
- Todd Pratt

Champions for Christ
- Alexa Wolf & Todd Pratt

Trustees (Buildings and grounds)
- Tom McNulty

School Ministry
- David Spiehler

St. Paul School Supporters
- Kim Stephenson (SPSS)

Meal Ministry
– Carol Rickman/Wanda Callahan

Board of Christian Education
- Pat Littlefield

Finance Ministry – N/A

Grieving Ministry
– Judy DeRycke

Hands In Service
– Tom Smith

Unemployment Support Group
– Wanda Callahan

Funeral Coordinators
– Wanda Callahan

Nursery Ministry
- Andrea Younger

- Brook Lefler

Healing Journey Ministry
– John & Kim Prouty


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