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From our Parents

As parents, we are placing our focus on the now, preparing our children for the world with a solid foundation—both academic and in strong, Christian character development. Our kids have grown in smaller classes with teachers who are dedicated to developing the unique and individual potential of each and every student. At St. Paul, our children are taught to respect and value the individual differences of their peers, to serve as mentors for younger students and to learn from the examples set by older students.

- The Vinch Family

It has been an amazing experience to see the students interact with each other not only in the classroom, but with the students of other grades. There is definitely a whole school mentality and our family has been truly blessed to be a part of it. Not only do we find the school to be a very positive faith focused environment, but the academic curriculum and student success is nothing short of outstanding. Our children have been receptive to the nurturing atmosphere and high expectations.

- The Owens Family

Every parent wants the best for their child, and that’s exactly what’s provided at this wonderful place of study and worship. Our children love it here. They are able to be a part of rare experiences, and opportunities that aren’t offered at other schools.

The students at this school are all very supportive and encouraging of each other. They learn about things that are rarely taught in schools anymore, such as compassion, forgiveness, integrity, love, acceptance, diversity and charity.

- The Russel Family

Our children feel special, valuable and worthwhile. They have grown in confidence, academics and character. Most importantly, our children have developed an unparalleled passion for the Lord. At home they lead prayers, spontaneously sing praise songs, show compassion to others, resolve conflict better than most adults and demonstrate a level of enthusiastic faith that is a model for us!

We have peace that our children are not only well educated but nurtured while they are at school. St. Paul has proven to produce students with both top notch academics, and solid, well-rounded character.

- The Cleary Family

From our Alumni

It is easy to make the connection that my desire to be a lifelong learner stemmed from my time at St. Paul Lutheran School. I gained study and organizational skills that have served me well into my college years. The small setting never left me feeling lost in the crowd. St. Paul also gave me friendships that seem more like family and many of whom I still stay connected with today.

- Chad McBroome ’90
F.D. Roosevelt High School
Teacher Staatsburg, N.Y.

Together, with supportive family and friends, St. Paul Lutheran School has become the steadfast foundation that I have built my future on. The teachers’ commitment to helping their students excel both personally and spiritually has provided me with all the tools I needed to succeed.

-Kelly Morrison ’05
Temple University Ph.D. Candidate
in Organic Chemistry

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