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The Creator’s Hands is a gathering of friends from our Congregation who enjoy crocheting and knitting. We meet the second Wednesday of each month from 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. in either the Church Library or the Church Conference Room. Everyone is welcome and it is great fellowship!

Last year, the group made several Prayer Shawls for people in our communities and within our church body. Along with the Prayer Shawls, we made fleece baby blankets with crocheted edging. These were given to babies in “NIC” Unit at Strong Memorial Hospital. They were well received and appreciated.

This year, we will continue to work on Prayer Shawls along with a new project. We will be making fleece blankets for women and children in shelters. With the cooler temperatures upon us, we are in need of (anti-pill) fleece material for this project. We need one yard of (anti-pill) fleece material for the children’s blankets and 1.5 yards of (anti-pill) fleece material for the women’s blankets. Anyone who would like to donate, one yard or 1.5 yards of anti-pill fleece material may leave it in the Church Office. We welcome anyone who is interested to come and help.

On the Mission Wall table, near the Welcome Center, is an abundance of extra yarn we want to share with anyone who needs it for their winter projects. Please help yourself. If you need crochet or knit patterns, please contact either Jacquie VanAuken or Christel Ingham.

In His Service,


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