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Is St. Paul the best fit for your family? Come take a tour and discover the difference St. Paul can make in your child's life! 

Investing in a St. Paul Education

Our goal is to make a Christian education accessible to every family who truly desires one for their child(ren). Through the support of St. Paul Lutheran Church, we are able to offer tuition rates that are a fraction of the actual expense required to educate a student.

Even so, we recognize that attending St. Paul Lutheran School is a significant financial investment for many families. Need-based financial assistance, multiple children and church membership discounts are available to help alleviate the cost of tuition. Customized payment plan options and automatic billing services are also provided to streamline and simplify this process for families.



Enrollment Process for New Families

St. Paul Lutheran School utilizes FACTS, a school-based support company, to manage registration and billing accounts. During the registration and enrollment process communication from FACTS will streamline your experience.

Step 1: Schedule A School Tour

Scheduling a school tour will provide you with valuable insight into the St. Paul experience, programs offered and school facilities but is not required. To schedule a school tour contact the School Office Manager at 585-392-4000 x201 or email

Step 2: Register Your Student (Registration NOW OPEN!)

To register your student contact the School Office Manager at 585-392-4000 x201 or email at A Registration Form will need to be completed that includes Parent/Guardian and Student information. A Registration Invitation email from FACTS will direct you to an online Registration site to complete the registration. A Registration Fee will also be assessed at this time. Additional information may be needed after registration, including:

  • Health Forms

  • Transportation Requests (K-8 only)

  • Hot Lunch Enrollment

Step 3: Complete A Financial Agreement

To complete enrollment, a Financial Agreement will be provided from FACTS. Flexible payment options, dates, and final tuition costs will be included in the completion of the Financial Agreement process.



Need help with FACTS? Contact the School Office Manager at 585-392-4000 x201 or email at

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