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Learning that begins in the classroom and extends outward for children ages two through eighth grade.

St. Paul families enjoy the opportunity to have their children grow in a school community that develops students academically, spiritually, and emotionally. Our academic and extracurricular programming is designed to educate and engage students while building a spiritual foundation.


Discover the many programs we have to offer.


Early Start (2 Year Olds)

An early childhood education program designed to nurture the developmental needs of two-year-old children by introducing toddlers to a classroom environment while incorporating socialization and learning in a fun, age-appropriate manner.  



Preschool (3 Year Olds)

Children, age three years old, are immersed in an energetic classroom of their peers to discover the joy of learning together. This program focuses on faith formation, self-help, language, expression, cognitive development, and socialization.


Pre-Kindergarten (4 Year Olds)

With full and half-day options, Pre-K at St. Paul establishes the building blocks that prepare students for success in kindergarten and beyond. Our curriculum exceeds both state and UPK standards while allowing students the space to develop a true love of learning.





Kindergarten is where children engage in and explore the process of learning in a variety of contexts. Students benefit from an integrated curriculum balanced by teacher-directed and student-directed activities. Kindergarten at St. Paul provides a foundation of creativity and collaboration upon which your child can build a lifetime of experiences and memories.




Continuing a Christ-centered education is at the core of the elementary years for St. Paul students. Children are able to incorporate a wide range of academic study—including reading, writing, math, history, science, art, religion, and music—while building relationships with their peers and exploring their talents.



Middle School

In sixth through eighth grade, students are established independent learners using critical thinking and problem-solving skills to reach further into their academic study. Students are introduced to a more rigorous curriculum and pace of instruction in preparation for high school and higher education. Creative expression, faith formation, servant leadership, and advanced academic study are central to the St. Paul middle school experience.



Wraparound Care

Morning and afternoon care is available for all St. Paul students with convenient pickup and drop-off times for families requiring greater flexibility and convenience. Parents have a peace of mind that their child(ren) are in a safe and active environment that is consistent with St. Paul’s core offerings of keeping Christ at the center of learning and play.

Hours of Wrap Care:

• A.M. Care 7:00 a.m.-9:15 a.m.
• P.M. Care 1:45 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

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