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Jocelyn Slynko

Art Teacher

Jocelyn has been our Art Teacher for twelve years. She has a BA in Visual Art Education from Roberts Wesleyan College graduating in 2007.
Prior to coming to St. Paul, Jocelyn spent six years at ABC Head Start in the inner city as a (bi-lingual) Health Assistant and four years at Asbury Daycare as an Administrative Assistant Director. She was a single mom for twelve years returning to college and obtaining her degree in 2007. She also had her own in-home painting business.
She has been married for ten years to her husband, Richard and they have two daughters, the younger of which attends St. Paul. They love their family time and enjoy festivals. In addition, Jocelyn enjoys multiple hobbies including travel, hiking, painting, pottery, sewing, and anything that is created with recycled materials.
When asked how she happened to come to St. Paul, she wrote, “Mr. Hummel, Principal at the time, contacted the Art Director at Roberts Wesleyan who in turn recommended her for an interview. It was three weeks prior to graduating from Roberts. During the interview, she mentioned she prefers to run her Art program on primarily recycled materials and she feels this was a big plus to her being hired immediately.
Primarily in her curriculum, she is able to use God’s creations as a focus and she has hopes that sometime in the future she will be able to use the element of clay. She loves to learn and teach about the different cultures around the world.
Again, the Lord blessed St. Paul when he sent Jocelyn to us.

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