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Jennifer Riley

1st Grade Teacher

Jennifer has been here with us at St. Paul since 2018. As is so true with our staff, she also brings a wealth of experience to the table. She received her BS in Elementary Education from Cleveland State University in 1999, and her MA in Childhood Education from Albany University in 2013.
Her previous experience includes a year of teaching science and literature and seven years teaching first grade in Lakewood, Ohio. Following her move to our area, Jennifer substituted in the Hilton and Greece School districts for two years. She then went to St. Pius Tenth School where she spent three years teaching Pre-K.
Jennifer has two children, Natalie and Ian. When not teaching Jennifer enjoys reading, singing, listening to music and most of all spending time with her kids.
When asked what brought her to St. Paul, Jennifer wrote, “I had heard wonderful things about St. Paul and knew I would love to work here. I dropped off my resume one day, not knowing there was an opening. Shortly thereafter, I was hired. It is a blessing that was meant to be.”
Once again, God had his hand in the pie! There is no doubt about that.
Jennifer’s goal is to provide a safe, caring atmosphere where students not only succeed, but have fun learning especially as they learn about Jesus.
What a wonderful goal that is!

585-392-4000 x201

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