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Pioneer Camp & Retreat Center has celebrated 70 years of service and exists for Every Pioneering Spirit on the beautiful shore of Lake Erie. Since 1945, Pioneer, a Christian owned and operated organization that prides itself on hospitality and meaningful service, has been delivering adventure and discovery for every trailblazer.

We pride ourselves in being family focused, putting adventure first, always recognizing the great need for serving others, focusing on the spiritual and leadership development of everyone we serve, and making ourselves open and available to all groups all year round.

Our commitment to serve is what defines us at our core. Throughout the years Pioneer has given help, hope, and healing to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, foster and at-risk children, inner-city youth, and military families. So whether we’re serving those in need, individuals looking for adventure, or groups seeking leadership or team development – know that the quality of care is the best you’ll find anywhere.

Wherever you are in life’s journey, Pioneer is here for you. Come to Pioneer, be a trailblazer, get ready for an adventure and all the good times.

This is what makes Pioneer so wonderful: we are the premier family camp and retreat park in New York that offers year round adventure and development, serving people of every age, and groups of every size.

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