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Together this fall we will spend 40 days challenging ourselves to consider Christ’s call on our lives by focusing on Jesus’ words as recorded in scripture.

RLC will kickoff September 13 and will be an opportunity for us to experience growing together through small group ministry. While we will continue to offer a large group, adult class every Sunday, we are encouraging you to consider trying RLC as a small group (6-8 person) experience.

Small groups encourage personal discovery, the formation of friendships and full participation. In this time when we have a heightened sensitivity for keeping each other safe, small groups are a great option.

RLC Books will be made available beginning August 30 for a suggested donation of $15 per book.

If you’re signing up with a ” In-home ” study we will give you the address in our reply. Those with an asterisk ( * ) next to it has ZOOM capabilities if you would prefer the experience virtual.

These are one hour gatherings:

*Saturday @ 11:00am – Home in Greece

Sunday @ 9:45am – Church

Monday @ 6:30pm – Home in Hilton (Kid Friendly)

Tuesday @ 6:00pm – Church

Wednesday @ 6:30pm – Home in Hilton

*Thursday @ 6:30 – Home in Hilton (Kid Friendly)

*Jr. High – Sunday @ 6:00-7:30pm – Church

*Sr. High – Sunday @ 7:30-9:00pm – Church

Please Contact Amy, our Church Office Manager, at

(Please put “SMALL GROUP” into the Subject line) and let her know which study you’d like to join. Include the names of those who will participate.

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