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Solar Eclipse
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Join us from 12pm - 4:30pm

at St. Paul Church and School. 

Check back frequently 

for more information.

Parking Passes now available!


What is a Total Solar Eclipse

A total solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, completely blocking the face of the Sun. The sky will darken as if it were dawn or dusk.

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View the Eclipse Safely

Don’t miss the once-in-a-generation Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th 2024. The next total solar eclipse viewable in the USA won't take place until August 23rd, 2044. Gather your family, friends and Soluna Glasses and prepare to be amazed as the moon passes in front of the sun, completely blocking it from view during Totality, which lasts but mere minutes.

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Direct Path of Totality

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse, called the "Great North American Eclipse," will trace a narrow path of totality across 13 U.S. states. At St. Paul, maximum eclipse will happen at 3:22pm.

Start of partial eclipse: 2:06:51 

Start of total eclipse: 3:19:56

Maximum eclipse: 3:21:48

End of total eclipse: 3:23:39

End of partial eclipse: 4:33:16

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