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The Difference a Christian Education Makes

By Principal David Spiehler, St. Paul Lutheran School

Not a Lutheran? Don’t have an official church home? Never considered a Christian education
for your child? St. Paul may still be right for your family.

It’s not uncommon for non-denominational families – or families from different Christian faiths
– to send their children to a Lutheran school.

In addition to the high academic standards and nurturing environment, there are many other
advantages to a Lutheran education:

  • Smaller class sizes

  • Safe and loving learning environment

  • Qualified, professional, credentialed Christian teachers

  • A focus on the whole child: academically, socially, physically, emotionally,
    creatively and spiritually

All in all, it’s no surprise that Lutheran schools constitute the second largest parochial education
system in the United States, encompassing 1,150 early childhood centers and preschools, 793
elementary schools and 86 high schools across the country. This represents many thousands of
students from different backgrounds and upbringings – all benefiting from a rigorous, Christ-
centered education.

At St. Paul in Hilton, our school’s reputation attracts a diversity of families from eight school
districts across Northwestern Monroe County. Since we provide busing within a 15-mile radius
of the school, we have become a small reflection of greater Rochester. Our student body
comprises a mix of Christian faith traditions, and represents many, diverse cultural, ethnic and
socio-economic backgrounds. We’re proud of our diverse population, which has a positive
impact on the learning environment at our school.

Everyone can come here and be themselves, knowing they’ll be supported. Our vision is to
sustain an inclusive environment where everyone is valued, so the students of St. Paul will
benefit from different perspectives and outlooks. They can take classes they wouldn’t normally
take. They have the opportunity to find out what they’re passionate about quicker.
Kids here are prepared for life no matter where their paths may take them. Schools like ours
lay the foundation for wherever students go from here: to public school, private school or

Since 1956, St. Paul has taught generations of children who have flourished in a positive
academic environment, while always keeping Christ at the center of students’ lives.
Because we’ve seen decades of amazing student outcomes, we strongly believe all children are
entitled to the benefits of an affordable, quality Christian education. So, no matter where in
Rochester you’re from, no matter what church your family attends – we encourage you to

come visit St. Paul Lutheran School and see for yourself. We might have more in common than
you think.

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