Therese Flannery

Early Start Teacher

Therese has taught our Early Start Program for the past three years and she is the Wrap Care Co-Director. She comes to us with a wide background in teaching young children as she taught pre-school/child care for over twenty years in various places including the SUNY Brockport and Unity Pre-School programs.
In 1993 Therese graduated from SUNY, Brockport with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Child Psychology
Living in the Hilton Community, Therese has been married for twenty-two years to Mark Flannery. They have two children Joshua (20) and Julianna (17). The family is involved with the Hilton Fire Department as Therese belongs to the Fireman’s Ladies Auxiliary. In addition, both her husband and son serve as firefighters.
In May of last year, Therese was elected to the Hilton Central School Board of Education.
What brought Therese to St. Paul is a friend, Deb Garbowski. Therese said Deb pointed her in the right direction and she will always be grateful for the push!
Therese said that she finds teaching the tiny ones, 2-3 year old exciting. She loves having the opportunity to teach them Jesus loves them, Jesus is in them. It is an open door into their hearts.
Thanks be to God that we have Therese on our St. Paul Lutheran School Staff.

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