Kelsey Hawkins

Math Teacher 5-8

Kelsey received her BA in Math & Education from Nazareth College in 2011 and received her Master’s in Education Technology in 2013. Once her academic studies were complete, Kelsey found employment as a long-term substitute for the Greece Central School District in their Math Intervention program. She also worked in several districts on a per-diem until, through her grandfather, she heard about the position opening here at St. Paul.
Kelsey came to St. Paul School in 2014, making this her sixth year of teaching Math to grades 5-8. It is obvious as one talks with her, she loves her subject and the opportunity to teach in a Christian environment.
When not working with young people, Kelsey enjoys running, soccer, scrapbooking and watching her young nephew grow. In 2017, she was able to purchase her home in which she enjoys spending time with friends and family.
Kelsey shared a wonderful side-story in that her Grandfather is someone many in St. Paul Lutheran Church and School will remember, Henry Dude. She said when she applied for the position she swore family to secrecy as she did not want any influence from anywhere. However, once hired, with the cat out of the bag, Kelsey looked forward to seeing Grandpa at St. Paul. She said he was her support system and she looked so forward to that reassuring hug we all need from time to time. His unending faith certainly had a great impact upon her and she is extremely thankful for the time she was able to have with him. In fact, she shared that today, in his footsteps, she considers St. Paul School to be her family.
Math is obviously her passion as one can hear it in her voice when she speaks about her students. It is her hope that she is able to convey to her students – Math is not as difficult as one thinks.
Once again, the Lord has blessed us by sending such an outstanding young woman to our midst.

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