What Was I Expecting?

“There are many expectations we have of the kingdom of heaven alive at St. Paul Lutheran Church and School. Some expectations never materialize. People aren’t always the way we expect them to be. That is a reality that gives us a goal to change, to grow, to transform. We shall build up our trust and faith in God while we increase our desires to care and love one another. We will believe that marvelous things can grow from something tiny, and that we will invest in that in which we find the treasures of faith.

God has a purpose for us. That purpose truly is being the living witness of Christ himself, being the certainty that God desires all things come together for the good of his people and creation. This good begins with each of us today. It matters not how many times we hear it from the pulpit, how fresh and new, surprising and delightful is God’s love. I’m hoping I will have been able to preach that good news at least 50,000 times. What I never expected was adding to the count at St. Paul Lutheran Church and School in Hilton!. I’m glad I can. The Lord be with you, and me.”

Pastor Kay’s Message:

What Was I Expecting

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