What Do You See?

Pastor Kay’s message was based on John 1:43-51.  “The call is given to each one to be a witness, a light, of Christ, to do good in order God may be glorified and honored.  We offer what Christ gives us to all who need a light in their darkness, forgiveness for their failures, and hope for their worth.  In other words, we follow Christ in that we live like him, be like him, care like him, and invite and welcome like him.  Christ’s love for all people is seen and heard through his followers.

All of us are witnesses who reflect our faith in the mercy of God into this world.  Then, we invite those who seeking redemption and worth to come and see what great things Christ the Lord is doing in this building and among its people.  The peace of the Lord is what we share with one another in our greetings and our gatherings.  Lord, have mercy, we pray!”

Pastor Kay’s Message:

What do you see

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