The Widow’s Mite

Pastor Mark’s message this weekend was based on the Gospel of St. Mark, the twelfth chapter, with the story of the Widow and her Mite: “We should love God the way the widow does. As she drops her last two coins into the collection she knows her future is securely in His hands. She doesn’t look around for approval or for accolades. She isn’t paralyzed by the opinions of others. She also isn’t motivated by their evaluations of her. She chooses to give her all to God, to leave the rest to Him. What she is doing is very personal. It’s between her and God.

What happens next to this widow? Only God knows. But he does know, he does see and he does care.

And this is the jewel of this Gospel account. We have a God powerful enough to hold the world in His hands and personal enough to know us inside and out. God sees. God knows. God cares. Amen!”

Pastor Mark’s Message:

Widows Mite

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