Postcards from Heaven

As we observed All Saints last weekend, Pastor Mark shares St. John’s glimmer of heaven in the Gospel.  “There may be many things about heaven that are unclear to us, things that we wish we knew, but God makes this much known – heaven is where we go to be with God the Father and to live together with all those who have died as children of God.  For all of us who have a close connection to the saints, heaven is the most beautiful realty.  A land of no more tears, and a home where once and for all death is defeated.  A place where we will never lose a loved one again.

All Saints reminds us that Jesus is Lord of the living and the dead and therefore we are truly never apart.  Jesus is Lord of all and we will see our loved ones face-to-face again in heaven.  And that’s all we need to know.”

Pastor Mark’s Message:

Postcards from heaven

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