Lift the Baby from the Manger

Pastor Kay tells us this weekend, “Picture the scene that day as Mary and Joseph enter into the temple, carrying this 7-week old child.  Simeon takes Jesus, and lifts him in praise and glory as he is led by the Spirit to tell us all that is the One we have been waiting for forever!  All of our rituals and practices of our faith is discovered and centered in this child.

When we leave this holy altar and table, we, too, have carried the baby in our arms and hands, seen in him our salvation and life, rejoiced that our sins are forgiven in him, and our lives are made holy and righteous through him.  We raise our hands to receive him in bread and wine, and leave from here ready and joyous to believe that all is well, it will be well and good forever.  We can go in peace, rest eternally, and be filled with joy.  

The Savior, the Christ, has come!”

Pastor Kay’s Message:

Lift the Baby from the Manger

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