Jesus in the Back Seat

Pastor Kay’s sermon this weekend was based on Matthew 4:1-11 where “Jesus faced all the temptations that any one of us face day in and day out. We hunger, we seek power, we want god-likeness. Jesus is with us wherever we go and whatever we are doing. Haven’t we traditionally understood the temptations of Jesus as being for us? Jesus faced the devil on our behalf. He remained true to his trust in his Father, and so abided by the words of his heavenly parent. He did not fail, even though he was tempted, and certainly understands any of our temptations. He remained obedient to the will and desire of his Father, thus being an example for us and a savior when we fail.” Praise God!

“Jesus does it all for us! The Sundays in Lent, the most reflective and penitential season of the Church Year, still reflect the glory and the truth of the resurrection promise of Easter. Jesus has overcome sin, death, and the devil. He successfully death with the temptations of Satan – a major accomplishment that signals greater things yet to come. We joyfully celebrate our Lord’s victory.”  (Concordia Publishing House 2017)