God Gives Us Joy!

Sometimes it feels as though this time in which we live is the very first time that people directly challenge God. Yet this feeling is inaccurate. We are reminded by Ezekiel that God’s people were going around saying, “God is not just” already at the time of the prophets. Distrust of God has been around even longer, since Adam and Eve questioned the goodness of God. In the Gospel, chief priests and elders question the authority of Jesus. Nothing new. But Jesus doesn’t react angrily. Instead, He lets His actions speak louder than words. With very few words, Jesus would go on trial, be wrongly convicted, suffer beatings, be mercilessly crucified, and be raised from the grave. In Christ, we need not fear scoffers. We don’t need to respond by being snarky. We don’t need to try to silence anyone. We simply trust the authority of Jesus’ death and resurrection and follow His way of loving our enemies and praying for those who persecute us. Rather than return evil for evil, we turn to the crucified and risen Jesus and live.

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Matt 21 Oct 1 2017 (Autosaved)

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