Christmas Eve Worship

“Glory to God in the highest!” The expression of praise by the heavenly host on the night when Jesus was born into our world has echoed through the ages. As we gather for this most special day, we find joy in repeating the words of God’s heavenly messengers. The angels proclaimed a message of peace and good will, a word from God that was appearing in the Word made flesh—the baby Jesus born to bring the light of redemption to a people on earth lost in darkness. “Gloria in excelsis Deo!” Whether we are singing in English or Latin or some other language, the message of the words is what matters. We worship our Lord and rejoice in the glory of Christmas!

Christmas Eve (5:00 and 7:00 p.m.):

Christmas Eve – Lying in a Manger


Christmas Eve (11:00 p.m.):

Christmas Eve – Christmas is God Getting Real