After Church

In Pastor Kay’s sermon this weekend, he tells us that “The Spirit of Christ dwells here among us and with us and in us. As St. Paul welcomed two beautiful children into our community of faith this weekend through baptism; and from us, this congregation of faithful people, they will learn what a Christian is. It is demonstrated in our behavior, words, thoughts and actions with one another within this community or congregation, and anywhere and everywhere we are after church. The peace of the Lord be with you!”

Faithfulness is the condition of being filled with faith.  People filled with faith in God’s faithfulness can do amazing things.  They can love their neighbors as themselves.  They can forgive their enemies.  They can find delight in following the pathway of the Lord’s Commandments.  They can even discover reasons for hope and joy in adversity.  The ultimate compliment Jesus mentions in the parable of the talents is when the master says to his worker, “Well done, good and faithful servant”  (Matthew 25:23).  It doesn’t get any better than that!

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