St. Paul Prayer Vigil

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This Prayer Vigil at St. Paul is a time for deliberate and intentional prayer; and it is so very good that you express an interest in this devotional act of God’s people.  Together we place a value in this time of conversation and meditation with our Heavenly Father.  We hope and pray that He will hear us and give His merciful ear to our requests.

This is an excellent time for us to take a few moments out of our busy lives to gather in God’s house.  In the quietness of this house on this Holy day, we hope that you will find comfort in the silence as you remember why this week is Holy.  In this house you have gathered so many times with other people of God to sing, to hear, to worship, to pray, to receive and to give.  As you meditate, give thanks to God for blessing us with others who share our faith in Him and our love for each other.  Pray that God would continue to fill His house with faithful people who willingly desire to live for Him and to serve Him and His.

We look forward to having you join us!