Double Vision

Martin Luther learned how we are saved. Luther learned the truth that wasn’t focused on doctrine or dogma, or ritual, but on Christ Jesus himself. He is the truth of the Church then and now, and in and through Christ’s death and resurrection, we learned the truth of the gospel. It is seen in the cross, marked on us in baptism, where we are claimed forever as a redeemed child of God. It is in the cross that our debts are paid by the One who took upon himself all the sin of the world. We can do nothing to earn this love, but by every means possible we share it. We are saved from our sinful past, present and future already, as we believe and hold firm to the Word of God made flesh in Jesus Christ. This is at the heart of what we preach, teach and share to all people gathered in house and dwelling in our communities.

Let us never miss the opportunity to preach the Good News of Christ Jesus!” Praise God!

Pastor Kay’s Message:

Double Vision

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