Distracted Living

God has perfect focus and He gives us gifts to fight against distraction. Just imagine what a little more focus could do in your life. What would it be like if we could really fix our eyes on Jesus? God is always dialed in on you even with nobody else seems to notice what you are going through. From the moment He gave you life, He has desired for this life to be a never ending walk with Him. There is nothing in all of creation that has been able to separate you from God’s love. God is perfectly focused on us. And we have the God given ability to focus on Him, His good and perfect will.

In our prayers we often ask God to bless us, but in our focused moments we can see those blessings all around. We see that God’s Word is true. May we all bring God back into focus this season for our blessing and for the benefit of those around us. Amen!

Pastor Ball’s Message:

Distracted Living


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