Getting to know St. Paul School

Our website is designed to give you helpful information while making a decision as to the correct educational fit for your child. The best way to decide if St. Paul is the right choice for your family is to schedule a time to come in for a tour. Tours are always available inside and outside the school day. They can be scheduled by calling Pastor Mark Ball at 585-392-4000 x201, or via email at

Investing in a St. Paul Lutheran Education

Our goal at St. Paul Lutheran School is to make a Christian education accessible to every family who truly desires one for their children. The church has a history of generously supporting our school ministry, which allows us to offer a tuition that is about half of the actual expense to educate a student.

Even so, we recognize that deciding to pay for your child's education has its challenges. To assist families St. Paul offers needs based financial assistance and discounts for families with multiple children. You will find our tuition rates for every grade level located on-line and we would be pleased to discuss this further with you in person.

Our tuition rates for the 2016-2017 academic year are now approved and posted for your information.

Enrolling at St. Paul Lutheran School

We would love for you to join the St. Paul family! Here's how you do it:

St. Paul Lutheran School partners with a company that provides enrollment, tuition payment, and financial aid services to non-public schools across the country - the Tuition Management, Admissions and Enrollment Services (TADS) company. By partnering with TADS, St. Paul offers an easy, on-line registration process, flexible payment options, the ability to use credit cards, and a financial aid process with national standards.

For families new to St. Paul

The admissions process begins with a call to Pastor Mark Ball at 392-4000 x201. We welcome the opportunity to schedule a family tour, to setup a consultation meeting with a classroom teacher, or to simply answer any questions over the phone or via email at

Once a family has been approved to register, you will receive an email with information on the quick and easy registration process.

For St. Paul families wishing to re-enroll

Families of current St. Paul students are encouraged to enroll for the upcoming school year no later than April 1st. This is the deadline for financial aid applications and for transportation. Families that register prior to April 1st have a portion of their registration fee applied to tuition.

The TADS system will store your registration information making re-enrollment much more efficient in future years.

Applying for Financial Assistance

St. Paul Lutheran School works with families to put a St. Paul education in reach for as many students as possible. Our financial aid program facilitated through TADS.

To apply for financial assistance from St. Paul Lutheran School for grades k-8:
  1. During the enrollment, you can indicate that you plan to apply for financial assistance.
  2. At the end of enrollment, a link will take you to the application form, also on the TADS website.

Financial Aid Assessment

Tuition assistance is available on the basis of demonstrated need. If you believe that your resources are not sufficient to meet the total costs of a St. Paul Lutheran education, you are encouraged to apply.

TADS provides a framework through which household need can be measured fairly and equitably. Recommendations from TADS are used by St. Paul Lutheran School to determine the award amount.

Application Information

Applications for tuition assistance may be completed online at A $34 processing fee is made payable to TADS. Failure to pay the processing fee may delay the evaluation. A financial aid worksheet is available is offered to provide guidance as to what information is needed for the application.


Once you have completed the financial aid worksheet (optional), then proceed to the application. After all applications are processed each family will be notified of their award.


Supporting Documentation

The following supporting documentation must be submitted to TADS via mail or fax prior to the application due date of April 1 for all current families;
  • Household members' most recently completed federal tax forms (personal and businesses owned)
  • W-2's from each job held by household members
  • Most recent pay stub from each job held by household members
  • Documents that establish the amount of miscellaneous monthly or yearly income you currently receive (i.e., welfare, food stamps, unemployment, workers' compensation, etc.,)
  • All corporate, partnership, and trust forms if a household member owns 20% or more interest in a corporation, partnership or trust

Need Assistance with your Application?

Mailing Address: 1201 Hawthorne Ave., Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Telephone: 800-884-8237 (M-F, 8-6 Central)
Fax Number: 612-548-3326 (24 hours)

Remember This Important Date:

All applications must be completed by April 1 to be guaranteed consideration.


Busing is available for students residing in the Hilton, Brockport, Spencerport, Greece, or City of Rochester School Districts. We have families who commute from Albion and Webster too!

Additional Forms

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read PDF files. If you do not have the Adobe Reader installed, you can download it for free from their website.

Additional Documents

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