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    Soon the yellow school buses will be making their rounds through the neighborhoods picking up their clients for the start of the new academic year. Parents are back to packing lunches, looking at the sports schedules posted on the refrigerators, wondering if everyone will get to where they belong at the right time. Kids will moan and groan about having to get up early (probably anything before 10 am). Off to school they go with much excitement about school, at least for the first week! There will be tales to share of summer activities, and friendships renewed and new ones kindled. September is hectic, if anything.

    Schedules, hopes, routines, anticipation, opportunity, excitement are some of the words that come to my mind as September comes around in this year of 2016. At St Paul we await with joy the coming of the kids as they certainly bring lots of life into a building. Routines return for the staff and students on both sides of the campus.

    Every one of us faces daily routines and schedules even though they may be busy or not. Perhaps we all need to evaluate what we do each day, how busy or not we are, and what is important or not. Routines can be ho-hum or exciting. They may be fulfilling or just busyness. Let us all look at what each day brings us and what we do and/or accomplish in them. What is lacking or what is missing certainly are fair questions to ask. How much of our time is just for ourselves, or how much time is given away need to be reviewed. Where does God fit into our daily rush? How much of what God says is on our minds each day? When do we stop what we are doing simply to have some quiet time with him? In all of our busy lives is there enough time for him?

    As we begin this fresh start to this “sort of” new year, let us give review to our time and values. Surely knowing how much God has done for us and continues to do so gives us reason to give him plenty of our gratitude and thanksgiving. Starting off a day with a thought of him in prayer or meditation gives the day a hopeful beginning. Taking the time to learn is so important, and as students grow in knowledge may we all find it necessary to grow in the love and wisdom of the Lord. Sunday education opportunities abound at St. Paul, as well as during the week. All of us, no matter our age, continue to study and grow in faith and knowledge of God. May we all use our time wisely, and in the use of it let us give some of it away so that others may benefit from our own faith and love of Christ Jesus. We are Christians every hour of every day and with a purpose of being Christ’s light, we share it with others. Every one of us has the same amount of time each as any other person. Twenty-four hours. As we together review what we do in our busy lives, may we be sure that God, loved ones, and kindness for others have a place in our routine and schedule. When the day ends, remember the One who watched over you all day and pray he will do the same throughout the night. God becomes a part of our routine of life, and we pray he will bless us the next day as well. God’s peace be yours this September.

                                                                                  Pastor Kay

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Hilton, NY           September - 2016