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     Farmers, road crews, highway workers all work a lot longer and harder during the summer season. For most of us, summer remains a time, though, to be spent outside. It is a time to enjoy swimming and hiking, camping and biking. It is a time to have a campfire with s’mores, and maybe chase down a firefly or two while avoiding a low flying bat! Summer is sleeping with the windows open and waking to the sounds of the early morning chorus of our winged friends. Summer is a time to behold the wonder and beauty of creation, and to give thought and praise to the One who created it all for our good. Summer is a time to behold the majesty of our God in his beautiful array of stars and suns throughout the universe. Who cannot walk the outdoors day or night and see the hand of God before them? Who can overlook the beauty of the fields and shores adorning our land? Who can ignore the sounds of nature in the babbling brook or the calls of the wild? God is the creator, and in the land and time of summer he has given us a full picture of his artistic ability to thrill us humans and all the creatures of the land. God’s goodness is truly revealed in summer!

     During your summer upcoming in this and the following months, make a point of seeing something each and every day that reveals to you the wonderful beauty and power of God the creator. Take a moment to study a wildflower or one you planted. Walk into the cool woods and take a deep breath of God’s natural air freshener. Smell the cut hay, and hear the cows approving their menu. Count the stars at night or discover a new constellation. How many sunsets will you witness? How many mornings will you hear the birds awaken you? Will you look at the mountains and hills with awe? Will you lay on the ground and watch the clouds? Will you explore and discover nature in a square foot of earth? Will you visit a site that surprises your senses? Will the summer be God’s gift to you? And will the summer be your gift to God?

     Enjoy the summer with a grateful heart to God. Worship him during the week and gather in worship with others on the weekend. Give him your praise and give him your labor to keep what he has given us a gift of love and beauty. Teach others to see God in the summer, and remind our children that it is a wonderful time of the year to play ball and swim, and a marvelous time to come a little closer to the God who created the heavens and the earth.

The Lord be with you.


The Rev. William L. Kay

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Hilton, NY      Thursday, June 2, 2016