Water Walking

The story of Jesus and Peter walking on the water is one that encourages as much as it challenges the faithful. It calls to us to know God better. Because in knowing God we know that water walking is all about God -- and not about us.

Peter didn't have to learn a new technique in which he kept his feet a certain distance apart. He didn't have to try to keep repeating positive thoughts about being lighter than water. He didn't have to make sure that he stepped on just the right waves.

Water walking is all about Jesus. Jesus came out to the disciples. Jesus called Peter out of the boat. Jesus held Peter above the water. And when he fell, Jesus reached out His hand and pulled him back up again.

That's what He will do for you. In fact, that's what He has already done.

Our God has created us. Daily He sustains us. And despite our sins, through Jesus He reclaims us.

Water walking is all about Jesus our Lord and Savior who became man to save us. Our God who reigns over this world with power and might in His gentle mercy takes time to invite each one of us to join Him out on the water.

What water walking will you be doing?

You know, what they say is true... we are all in this boat together. Are you ready to step out?