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    This is one of the four seasons of the year that the hardy folk of Western New York enjoy. Remember, soon enough we will be talking about how much snow fell overnight.

    I have so many flashbacks to the summer season as a kid. One that popped into my mind that truly remains so special to me was sitting on the front porch with my grandparents at their house. It was a wonderful porch. It had a little bit bigger section that allowed for several comfortable porch chairs. You could sit and look at one another as you talked. My parents and grandparents would often sit there and talk with one another. The other section was big enough for a porch swing hung from the ceiling above. We kids would crowd together on the swing, and listen in to the conversation of the adults.

    Sometimes my grandfather would sit on the swing with me, or with my brother and sister. We would talk about a lot of things, but especially talk about the people who drove by the house. My grandparents knew all the people who drove by, where they lived, and what was going on in their households. It was kind of funny listening to them talk about the neighbors. Mostly, though, it was good stuff. We would sit for hours it seemed, just watching, talking, savoring the moment. And now, years later, I realize how valuable that time was. There were little to no distractions sitting on the front porch. It was human interaction and love for one another at its best. There was listening to each other, and acceptance of what each one had to say. It was a bit heavenly, if you ask me now.

    I pray we all find a time to enjoy some heaven during these summer months. Maybe you will see and hear a bit of heaven in the beauty of creation, the warmth of a summer breeze, the choir of the morning birds, the laughter of children at play. These months are meant to give us some rest from all that wearies us, and a time of renewal for what is most important in our lives. The summer months bring us memories to cherish for life. As we celebrate life with one another during these months, may we sincerely enjoy the time together with as little of distraction as we can.

    God give you a meaningful summer season. As you truly are grateful for those who are with you, remember them with fondness and joy for the rest of your lives. So much of what we have now is gone soon enough like the season changing. May we remind one another how valuable they are to us. Use your summer well.

                                                                                  Pastor Kay

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Hilton, NY           July & August - 2016