Have you picked up the latest bug that's going around? I think it's called "spring fever". The only remedy that seems to work is getting outside. And after this past winter, one of the ones that our foreparents used to say were so much worse, we are certainly in need of getting some fresh air and warm sunshine to help us feel better.

I was taking a little tour through the facilities the other day. This was one of those days in which the big tests were being administered to some of the kids in school. As I walked by the lunch room, I stopped to greet the kids on their way back to their classrooms. One of the teachers informed me that there had been some rowdiness during lunch. The class would be leaving the lunchroom in complete silence. Apparently there had been the beginnings of a little food fight. I bit my lip so that my smile would be disguised. The noise level during lunch was also a sign that spring had arrived! Not just a minute later another teacher was talking to two young ladies who allegedly had had a disagreement. In between saying "I'm sorry", there was also a defense that "I did not start it", or something like that. I chuckled because I knew the whole problem had to be something about being inside when it was finally so nice outside.

Well, spring fever affects all ages. Maybe we all suffer from it in different ways. Being cooped up for months now causes the best of us to get a little testy now and then, or maybe a little down or gloomy, or just weary. We long to be refreshed, renewed, and brightened up with the warmth and glow of the sun shining upon us. We want the warmer days that lift our spirits, and the longer light of the day that strengthens mind, body and soul.

Easter is the cure for spring fever. Easter is the cure for dull days and long nights. Easter is the cure for darkened spirits and lifeless minds. Easter is the cure for winter and death. Easter eases us from the fever of spring into the healthy life of the resurrection. Easter is all around us. It's heard early in the morning as the birds sing their morning glories to the Creator. Easter is seen in the lawns turning green almost overnight and the early flowers that seem to jump right out of the ground. Easter is felt in the warmth of life that cuddles us in the delight of the day. Easter is God making life come from death. Easter is a celebration that is more than just for a day, but for a season and throughout the year that reminds us of what God promises us eternally. Easter is Jesus Christ, crucified and buried, risen and alive who changes our lives from the darkness of sin into the light of forgiveness. Easter is seen in the new creation happening around us, in the glees of children playing outdoors, in the smiles of people working on their lawns, and in the rest periods on the deck or in a sunny spot in the backyard. Easter has happened. It is real. The whole creation sings out its praise for spring and life. And we, who have longed for the promise of spring and life also give our praise to our God for what good things he has done for us all. May each of us be the light of Easter, and may it be joyfully seen and heard in us.

Alleluia. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed. Alleluia!

Pastor William L. Kay